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Alan Wake May 27, 2010

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When we think of Alan Wake, we can not ignore its five years of development. Five years, including ideas have been proposed, abandoned projects, such as the desire to offer a GTA-Like, and fortunately that project was abandoned, because where would the atmosphere, the depth of history or even anxiety. Following the excellent Max Payne, here the team at Remedy, which grew well, trying to get into a game Blending references such as Stephen King, in a setting inspired by Twin Peaks.
Alan is a writer, author of several bestselling novels, he lives in New York with his wife Alice, in a luxurious apartment. Unfortunately for our hero, Alan suffers from the worst thing a writer can fear the blank page syndrome. In fact, Alan Wake Xbox 360 has not written anything for two years and Alice decides to make him take a step back, taking him to stay some time in the small town of Bright Falls, a small town in the heart of the mountains, kind of city where each person know and where the past is full of mysteries, hidden behind a calm quiet place to rest for the writer. Upon his arrival, our budding Stephen King acknowledges his wife’s project to restore it to its source of inspiration in order that Alan starts to write. But when our two lovebirds are fighting, Alice disappears suddenly and Alan wakes up suddenly at the wheel of a car accident. Alan now has to try everything to find his wife and find an explanation to the many mysteries that abound in Bright Falls.

That is broadly what is proposed in the scenario of Alan Wake, it is very difficult to discuss the scenario without revealing few details, but you can still tell you that Alan found in the game pages of a novel Departure appointed, he has written but he did not recall having written, it will be understood later that this novel really anything to do with the storyline of the game overall, this scenario is really very fascinating, behind these appearances clichéd at first, it becomes clear very quickly that he is full of subtleties, surprises and much that will tell you when you hang the revelations fall in episode 4 of the game

Welcome to Bright Falls

Here you are so immersed in the vast mountains of Bright Falls, alternating between phases of day and other night. If the first course will only serve the scenario, the latter will not be easy. In fact, during the phases of nights, residents of Bright Falls, owned by a strange dark force, seek to happily disembowel you. Armed with axes or chainsaws, these moves usually possessed in numbers and are therefore also very fast. Alan will therefore bring a flashlight to illuminate the possessed and remove any part of their shadows in them, after which he will finish with a firearm.
The pattern of fighting is still characterized the same way, you must inform your enemies before they finish them. This aspect adds so much to fear because you have to be careful that you had to batteries for your flashlight or ammunition for your weapons, whether from simple revolvers six shots or a good shotgun through the lances rocket, very pleasant to use. The ammunition in the game are really poor, so you should be very careful with each shot you make on your enemies under pain of having to flee the battle and take refuge behind a light source, something that happens often, adding a lot of anxiety atmosphere and hence the title.
To recreate the atmosphere that best merits Alan Wake, Max Payne developers have put in place a realization of the highest caliber, with sublime lighting effects and attention to detail extraordinary. Whatever the place or Alan evolves, the flashlight will work his tool, management of light carried on it or any light source, generator or single lamp is glaring realism, immersing us even in the extremely Stephen King title. The shadows of objects illuminated each displayed in a dynamic and extremely realistic, happiness.
You will understand, the source of light is really the key, giving a rather nice gameplay. Although the gameplay is fairly standard, the team at Remedy still made sure to recreate the oppressive feeling that is felt throughout the game so you can then walk, run and shoot. But you can also dodge attacks from your opponents, in a bullet time effect in tribute to Max Payne. This button will not be overlooked, or when you run out of ammunition and you will flee the fighting, endurance, lean Alan will not help you to escape and will therefore be essential to watch every enemy in an attempt to dodge their terrible attacks, mild to time you will see in the dark waiting for a beautiful lamp shining your presence.
You can also failing the torch, really fun to use accessories like flashers temporarily to eliminate your opponents in a stunning red smoke the same player, or flash grenades, although rare, is proving to be devastating when you are surrounded.

From darkness to light …

Another strong point of Alan Wake, is unquestionably its soundtrack. Absolutely sublime, the French dubs are really well played. Without failure, the actors, the more or less important, has a very correct way and us to a scenario that becomes more exciting, and many speeches of Alan during phases of the game in the form of told us a story often shiver of pleasure. The sound effects when to reveal to them the same conclusion, whether you are planning to visit a cabin, or that one is walking in a forest at night fell, the sounds we are mostly shudder with fear at the idea that the next leap will invade.
In addition to being beautiful and very addictive, Alan Wake has a lifetime rather consistent. Thus, you will have counted about 13 hours of game to see the end. The fiercest will then start in nightmare mode, which unlocks once the game over once. Fans can also try to find all the pages of the novel by Alan and the thermos of coffee, has the number 100. You should also know that some pages are discoverable Departure difficulty in a nightmare. The life is very pleasant, southerly wind over the game by proposing a large exploration with alternative routes, others full of mysteries, to avoid boredom even plunging into an adventure .


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