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Super Street Fighter 4 May 30, 2010

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To quickly summarize the new additions to SSF IV share compared to its big brother, some lines are ample. An expanded cast of 10 characters including two new unreleased. Five new maps to battle a new Ultra for each character, a timid re-balancing of certain characters, I’d heard some Sagat? And finally, an online mode offers new features.

The game Super Street Fighter 4 being sold 40 euros in stores, players s’ont entitled to ask whether are being ripped off by buying this Super Street Fighter, but the quality additions that Capcom has told us to justify the 40 euro the game compared to hits such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 which sold more than 70 €! Street Fighter fans should not hesitate a single second, you can leave this page is spinning purchase.


The cast of Super Street Fighter IV is obviously the highlight of the game Capcom did not see things in miniature. 10 new characters in addition to the team of Street Fighter 4. While most fighters are from different episodes, there is still the arrival of two new fighters unpublished.

Super Street Fighter IVThe first, or rather the first, is none other than Juri, a fighter of Korean origin who seduce all players of its effectiveness in any event. Provocative and sexy, young fighter can switch between a blend of safe and attack with unnerving Efficiency. Its main advantage lies in its devastating kicking attacks are difficult to predict and often unstoppable. Fast and effective, there is no doubt that the players take ownership immediately thanks to its quick start.

Come the turn of Hakan, which is immediately contrasted with the beautiful Korean. For appearances demon crayfish, wrestler will have the particularity of smearing the body with oil in order to have the advantages in combat. Very slow but have a pint to rival Zangief or Abel T. Hawks, the guy will play primarily on the effectiveness of its ultra-destructive and on mastery of the player who will control it. Because contrary to Juri, Hakan is certainly not the kind of fighter who will unanimously players, it requires skill to be truly effective online. Full of subtleties in its handling, Hakan could catch his opponents to drag as the wrestler oiled it is, you can even move in a focus attack, and thus overcome the strongest opponents.

Super Street Fighter IVConcernant other characters available, you may notice some newcomers Super Street Fighter 2 as T. Hawks, who works in the same register as Zangief, slowly annoying but an undeniable force. It was also Dee Jay, who is very complete with shots rather safe but effective. On the side of Street Fighter Zero, we noted the arrival of Guy and Cody, two fighters of the same register, which uses a technique combining gameplay rather peculiar though Cody, the notorious convict, has shots pretty fun and rather effective. It was also Addon, the appearance of condensed Sagat, the little guys on the rebellious lock will be very effective to put pressure on his opponent with his ultra efficient and speed calling real dexterity.
Finally, the side of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, we find Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki. Dudley walk in the same vein of his rival, Balrog. Fairly fast and safe this character is very accessible and should also win online. Makoto it reveals a somewhat mixed findings, and will not please everyone. Some say it is clear that the characters didn’t place in SSF IV, it must be said that the young karate kid grass does not really defined properties and will only kick without much interest and often, too often easy to counter. Ibuki the ninja lightning fast attacks has unstoppable in the dash and may enchainer blows with unnerving ease to the opponent. You’ll see in these lines, the combatants in SSF IV is just astounding variety and efficiencies, the fighting will be even better.

Sagat a day, Sagat still …

Super Street Fighter IVQuelques readjustments were made in SSF4. Indeed it was rather unnerving to note a huge difference when fighting against Sagat, and I tell you plainly, I am one of the players, finding the guy was completely Cheater. Other players say that Ryu chained too normal of a sudden, for my part Ryu is my character, so I remained silent on the latter. Sega decided to lower the skills of the few fighters like Sagat, Ryu or Zangief, but the desire just because the balance is just too shy and should therefore be satisfied with some subtlety as a speed less blatant or Sagat still a sequence of our more timid Ryu still remains devastating (hihi).

The rest of the content is really incidental compared to the characters added, but noted nonetheless that the proposed new maps are beautiful and very well animated. The arcade mode will also host internships bonus will be to destroy a car as fast as possible and to destroy as much of barrels in the time set. From classic and therefore we get bored very quickly in these courses. The online world, the strength of the game, will be expanded from a few novelties. Like the ability to create tournaments of eight players, or each fighter confronts turn, other players at that time becoming a spectator of the fight.


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