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Halo Reach June 7, 2010

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Available for players who have in their possession Halo ODST, the beta will Reach is waiting, so much so that these free services first hours were arduous, with lag here and there and even some cuts of several tens of minutes. But here it is finally ready to welcome the players want to discover the new and perhaps final episode of the Halo saga.

Announced there is a long time now, the beta of Halo Reach was supposed to be composed of five cards, which are made in just turned two. Although it is a shame to turn around and play cards in there to experience it by heart so fast, several game mode are available, we can not return to the weariness of a poor beta.
The first game mode is Capture the Flag, which will simply capturing flags appearing randomly in the map, in order to bring them into his camp, that a countdown will be present, which will tally the numbers flags recovered when it reaches zero, so a game is never won in advance and the aim will be to switch between the flags capture and defense of his camp.
The second mode is to recover this a set number of skulls by killing enemies, yet it must be very careful not to get killed before you get these skulls in a predefined area, so as not to lose all skulls earn , very addictive, this mode will delight players dreaming of challenging and again, after a leg may totally change when the game ends.

More conventional methods accompany you then, as the parties murderer or you will be billed to kill all opposing players by walking happily in one of two cards available. You will also handle any more pleasant or players will be armed with the same weapons, (a nice little assault rifle rate of fire reduced but encouraging headshot) and will have to destroy opposing team to score points.

One big novelty of this new installment in the Halo saga is well on these different classes. In fact, you will respawn each, choose between several class, Scout, Warrior, or Prowler Airborne.
The Scout class will allow you to sprint during a short period of time, and promote travel flash coupled to a hammer, this class just be devastating.
The Warrior can regenerate himself when the situation becomes tricky. By pressing a button, you will be squatting spartan and recharge his shield while inflicting a severe electric shock to the opponents found the surroundings. A very interesting skills when it is used intelligently.
The class Prowler, my preference, you will camouflage you for some time, blurring your radar when using this skill is extremely accessible to the novice of the genre and can take an enemy from behind quickly and efficiently, even while attention when you travel because you will then be more easily identifiable.
Finally, the Airborne class will allow you to fly to infinity and beyond, to fall on your opponent like an eagle on its prey. Somewhat tricky was used, this power is reserved to the player who is al’aise with the gameplay of Halo.

Beyond these few novelty, nothing really changes from the Halo 3 multiplayer that offered to its graphic engine, which uses the prowess of the third episode, the concern being that of today, the whole remains fairly limited, the textures remains fairly drooling, although everything has been refined overall. The design of the weapons known to change into a form more in class and all new weapons have appeared, all enjoyed the fun as each other and reflect the spirit of Halo. In this final beta is advisable if you want to make a more definite opinion on the novelty propose Halo Reach. You can still blame that beta remains in the background limited, the vehicle is driving this, and propose two cards are certainly well structured, but unfortunately quite small.


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