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Overview of Left 4 Dead 2 November 14, 2009

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The Horde is back and this is not you play a bad round but rather to make you and your team, 4 kebabs on legs. No bowl for them, 4 kebabs are armed to the teeth and are ready to do battle in this Left 4 Dead 2 on Xbox 360 which I invite you to read the preview immediately.

The debate surrounding Left 4 Dead is lively 2: Add-on too expensive or game not finished? No matter because we will not take part in this debate, what really interests us today is the demo arrived on Xbox Live, and only for some who have preordered, but there are some problems with the latter (Sirkinwa eh;)) others must wait until November 3 in order to download it.

So what’s new under the sun L4D 2? Bah just the sun! This is the first novelty
obvious, finished environments and dark night of the first film (though they are still present) the bright sun of Louisiana
headshots and full after-noon.
One might think that this removes the element of fear or makes the game less stressful when it is not the case at all, I invite you to play expert to convince you that despite the presence of sunlight, the tension of being decimated at any time is always there, and this is the essence of Left 4 dead.
The sun is also an excuse for some light effects rather discreet in all, few
shadows here, a reflection there, but overall it is graphically similar to the first, do not expect
not to the Gears of War.

Moving quickly on the gameplay.
Joystick in hand, we are in familiar territory, the same intuitive gameplay of the first episode, so
very easy to access, easy-head, no scenery so this side.

Left 4 dead

Let us return to the news, and casually, there is no evil.
we will quickly molotov cocktails, bombs, rubber stamps and packages of care that have always answered the call, but we note the arrival of capsule bile, which irresistibly attracts the zombies at any place or it will explode, giving rather strange shows like a zombie is making a horde races because you have previously and sadistically poured this disgusting substance. It also notes the arrival of syringe of adrenaline that you can be stronger and faster a short period of time, which can be savior in risky situations.
On the side of the weapon, the regulars gather their beloved shotgun, or unattended machine gun or M16,
which are now accompanied by a machine gun with silencer, a new sniper, an AK47 and a new shotgun SPAS 12!
But guns are not the only weapons to repel the zombies, this second episode welcomes handgun Machette, bate baseball but also stove, and chainsaw guitar like a Dead Rising, are among the few Proximity weapons available!
These new weapons of melee make gameplay more nag or you will literally
you clear a path through a crowd of zombies hysterical.
Petit coup de coeur for the machete that cuts really do zombies and that leads me to the location of the damage.
The démembremenst were already possible at earlier, but here you’ll outright holes where you shoot.
Example, it is not uncommon to see a zombie guts in the air after having imposed a volley of coarse salt, or better yet, head explode more systematically when headshot but just some jumps according ‘ball impact, it also concerns the explosion over the beautiful cloud of blood, up to rain crumbs zombie, gore and therefore totally sadistic pleasure by the good we are.
Regarding our beloved zombie, they are now more varied, I met such a zombie
of the SWAT more resistant but low back, the woofer when it can be to women and the Witch is no longer content to lament in his corner
but just literally depressed wandering desperately millieu full path to your awaiting a bullet that will end in tears, so be compassionate and done a good deed.
Some new special infected just join the party already this horrific, among whom I saw;

* On-jokey, well appointed, he jumps on you, you took a hack and believes in the Longchamps racecourse.
*-The Splitter, sister of the boomer who vomited acid which can keep the pool after a few seconds, then your gaff soles.
* On-Load, unrelated to the model for Dodge except the fact to sink straight, and if you are in front, the little brother of the tank will take you on his back like a sack of potatoes or, if you have a little luck, will recount to you blow face against the ground until death ensues, charming is not it?

Left 4 dead

For this is the skills can create the artificial inttéligence, the zombies are always so quick and unpredictable, they do not have twice the same way and do not arise twice in the same places
In the final version, the AI Director 2.0 to manage, more zombies, the weather and especially
changing the environment!
That is to say that if there in this street open during your first pass, there are no guarantees that if
you start it will always be accessible, this novel forces you to rethink your constant
strategy and your plan of attack.

Left 4 dead

So I’ll end on a note rather positive even if it seems to stay one more evolution than revolution.
Fans of zombie genocide “Leftfordeadien” (myself included) find their way and have fun when the other, I think this episode is not necessarily essential if we did not hang more than that at first.


Xbox Unlimited : 10 million sold

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Microsoft officially announced it had sold over 10 million copies of the Xbox 360 in the area Europe Middle East and Africa in 4 years, plus keep a positive sales growth over last year.

Indeed our Xbox Unlimited to the document among gamers, probably through its Xbox Live very busy (who is 18 months ahead of the Playstation Network), announced the news and added to the console: Zune, Facebook , Twitter, or the native project that will surely Xbox 360 event of 2010.

Among the figures that Microsoft revealed in a statement it is the male / female ratio of days: 35% female and the majority of player age: 64% are over 25 years (But Microsoft did not mention on what basis these figures were calculated).

Hopefully this enthusiasm for our console will bring even more quality games on Xbox360 knowing that this year and already loaded in game and Seo Academy (Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo, Forza 3 …).

Xbox Unlimited and Xbox 360 élite


Xbox 360 October 28, 2009

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This will be my article by default for future blogs because tired of always Repal the Xbox 360 by the white hat!

The Xbox 360 comes in several package in which there is the Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 or the Xbox 360 elite Forza.

We add a little salt in the battle Xbox 360 – PS3 and it shows that the Xbox 360 which has the most excluded among them there are Halo 3, Fable where even Forza Motorsport 3.

Let’s talk now of other blogs that talk:

Among them there are the blog Xboxuser simple and lightweight designed Blogger, continue with the Blog News Xbox 360 also is on blogger and speaking to the console Next-Gen Microsoft. Finally there are two blogs Virgin Radio hattitude black xbox 360 and the best Xbox Unlimited. We can add to this list the blog on France2 who did not enco been moderate and the online blog Xbox fills dead links. Ah yes, we forgot it: Xbox 360 and trikapalanet. I forget the tickets robin (hardly a fake) and also the Xbox 360 xevonaute (on account of its time it’s hybrid).


The Xbox 360 tutorials now

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The outputs Unlimited Xbox 360 in October

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FIFA 10 takes over Fifa 09 and promises to be even more impressive set of Foot widely recognized among gamers it promises much on Xbox Live … Fifa 10.

You all know Guitar Hero? But yes! The only game where you could take to Jimi Hendrix, and ba on DJ Hero you might be David Guetta, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar and so on and … DJ Hero.

Forza Motorsport 3 is a vehicle simulation in which you can drive up to 400 cars. Visit the different circuits, melt the asphalt and in case of accident, go … Forza 3.

Risen is an RPG which is in line with Oblivion and other Sacred. The character is stranded on a mysterious island where a multitude of quests offered to him. The island is vast and … Risen.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 aka PES2010 proudly takes over from PES2009, growing stage, ever more and ever more jerseys soccer ball to rotate the head of … PES 2010.


Next Gen Microsoft Console: Xbox 360 Elite

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Next Gen Console Microsoft certainly did not trikapalanet but it has an HDMI cable, fan less noisy and some    strengths and accessories and more, learn all about Xbox 360 Elite fast.

The Xbox 360 Elite Console wonderful HD Next-Gen is revealed in all its glory, came to appreciate her curves Efile,    its quiet fan and hard drive 120 GB

Enlarge Image:

Xbox 360 élite