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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 December 20, 2009

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So for players who land on Earth, Call of Duty is a license owned by Activision (publisher) whose many previous episodes were more or less good and therefore more or less dispensable … In 2007, Activision finally changed its license gives launching Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, which finally plunges us into a new historical context: that of modern warfare, yes because you need to know before it was mostly World War all the sauces. Success does not wait and the game is THE reference FPS of 2007 for both its single player campaign that (especially) its multiplayer online (live Xbox Live ’tis said). After we have once again emerged from the global war last year with Call of Duty World At War developed by Treyarch, this year, Modern Warfare is back it developed by Infinity Ward (who also made the first Modern Warfare always follow you?), then good or bad thought?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

– Script —

The story takes place 5 years after the first Modern Warfare to be relatively simple and short I will summarize very briefly a relatively simple scenario. It all starts when a mission undercover in a terrorist organization led by Makarov (big game guru) who decides to make a little mess in a world too quiet and decided to lead America in a whole During a mission where he is responsible for gun down an entire airport filled with nice Russian civilians who had not asked … This mission feel free to participate, yes indeed this part of the game has been great controversy because it is never clear to stage a veritable slaughter of civilians in a game or even a movie (it’s true After all soldiers who die is more fandard …) So basically when you start the game it asks if you want to censor the scene or play (refusing would be a crime because it’s the why of how the story is in this scene strong feeling but free to you). In short without spoiler provided Makarov discover who you are and will perform an act of provocation that will aim to trigger war between the U.S. and Russia: The War is back!

If it is not really sophisticated, the scenario MW2 seems to me still more catchy than the first name in particular through more twists and hallucinatory scenes that also surprising. After it is mainly a good excuse for you big plunge into chaos … 14/20

Call of Duty 6

– Gameplay —

On this point the other regulars Call of Duty will not be flustered, we find everything that makes simplicity but also the enjoyment of other episodes. We quickly reached our arms movements are fluid (note some minor framerate drops here and there but that’s quibbling). To run it press the left analog stick and to move, right stick to aim, trigger to shoot or throw grenades (blinding, explosive, etc. …). To change weapon Y, stoop B, jump, reload X, the cross directional reference for its inventory. In short it is conventional but effective only regret is sometimes an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enemies not always fair in different situations. Once again the recipe is fly. Rating: 17/20

CoD 6

– Term Life —

I attack here may be the weak point of the game (and Call of Duty in general). In fact you should know that the single-player campaigns are not known to offer thirty hours of solo play to counter … The single player campaign will take between 5 and 8 hours of your life (depending on the difficulty level chosen). The fact remains that the game although short is incredibly intense and not leave you time to breathe for one second, you will travel to various countries and regions (Rio Favelas, Afghanistan, Siberia and even to … USA!). In short you will see the country and to have completed the game I can tell you that each mission has its small sequence rich in cult sensation, the mission in the mountains give rise to a chase on a motorcycle with snow hallucinating firs to be avoided, enemies that you continue to kill at the same time and jumps several feet impressive (I even cried Ouhou! raising arm so if …). We also note the emergence of missions “Special Operation” to finally give an interest in game 2 (online or locally), it is to fulfill various objectives on maps (eg survive several waves of enemies), the difficulty is however very demanding and fast it is strongly recommended to play with a friend rather than alone.

Life, however double-edged sword because while it may be preferable not to invest 70 euros in a game for 6 hours of play it by cons already worth much more punishment if you hold an account xbox live gold and then you can play online. Yes COD MW 2 is the new benchmark in multi-and extensively dethrones COD 4 maps with more varied (airport, Afghanistan, favelas, etc. ..). But the news does not stop there, now it will be possible for you to choose a track of all those that you can unlock (eg the suicide, SSD, the arsonist, etc …) with your little banner at the bottom and Your logo beside you choose also not to forget your clan name (as you type your own). Also new, climbing in rank you can choose your bonus eliminations, I will explain when you kill 3 people in a row without dying you unlock such a drone that lets you see enemies on the map thanks to a radar if you kill 4 you unlock something even better and so on except that now you can choose what you want as a bonus for 5 deaths following example. The point system also changes the past when someone was killed 5 or 10 there is 50 100 and other bonus points depending on the context.

In short there’s enough to make and you can have a multiplayer mode that will please complete hyper most perfectionists. Note (if you do not play that solo): 12/20 (if you play online): 17/20

Cod Modern Warfare 2

– Graphics —

I would go straight to the point: the game is very ugly … I am not kidding you afraid here? Obviously the game still wants very realistic, what is striking compared to COD4 is that it is thinner and the animations are more sophisticated, we must see the game begins at the base with all those soldiers who s ‘hold in their own corner (some play basketball, another eats his sandwich, two other chatter sat on a wall, etc …) that teems with life. Level staging it up another notch, it farts everywhere, rockets you brush against his ear while two helicopters crashed in the potato fields near (I’m joking in the U.S. is field chips or fries …). The first mission to the USA also is impressive because of its apocalyptic atmosphere (dark skies and rain of shells), while your mission in the mountains you will do a little climb. Another point that has changed: the faces more expressive and more modeled on gape at such realism. You will understand if it is perhaps not the most beautiful game in the world, COD MW2 is the slap in the puss that was expected. Rating: 18/20

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

– Soundtrack —

Then there is the great art my friends! Music orchestrated by Hans Zimmer himself (he made the music of Pirates of the Caribbean among others) is absolutely magical push the volume turned up and your ears will thank you! Pile hair in the themes, music sticks perfectly to the scenes and we find ourselves in areas devastated by the balls with a dramatic music but so beautiful when the next second you’re on the battlefield with music worthy Wholesale blockbuster action is superb. My bike in the snow scene is great in part because the mainstream music scene which lends itself perfectly to the game (no pun intended). The sound effects on them are always impeccable, the sound of each weapon is completely restored and home theater owners will surely enjoy. A flawless thus on this point. Rating: 19.5/20

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

Final score: 18/20 Smiling

COD Modern Warfare COD 4 is 2 in ever higher, ever stronger. Easily exceeding its predecessor, COD MW2 is what we can expect an excellent Call of duty: big show, graphics on top, but unfortunately effective handling life too short solo despite good idea of special missions to lengthen life. Set to be a reference to Xbox Live for several years, this opus could be the best of the series.


Overview of Left 4 Dead 2 November 14, 2009

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The Horde is back and this is not you play a bad round but rather to make you and your team, 4 kebabs on legs. No bowl for them, 4 kebabs are armed to the teeth and are ready to do battle in this Left 4 Dead 2 on Xbox 360 which I invite you to read the preview immediately.

The debate surrounding Left 4 Dead is lively 2: Add-on too expensive or game not finished? No matter because we will not take part in this debate, what really interests us today is the demo arrived on Xbox Live, and only for some who have preordered, but there are some problems with the latter (Sirkinwa eh;)) others must wait until November 3 in order to download it.

So what’s new under the sun L4D 2? Bah just the sun! This is the first novelty
obvious, finished environments and dark night of the first film (though they are still present) the bright sun of Louisiana
headshots and full after-noon.
One might think that this removes the element of fear or makes the game less stressful when it is not the case at all, I invite you to play expert to convince you that despite the presence of sunlight, the tension of being decimated at any time is always there, and this is the essence of Left 4 dead.
The sun is also an excuse for some light effects rather discreet in all, few
shadows here, a reflection there, but overall it is graphically similar to the first, do not expect
not to the Gears of War.

Moving quickly on the gameplay.
Joystick in hand, we are in familiar territory, the same intuitive gameplay of the first episode, so
very easy to access, easy-head, no scenery so this side.

Left 4 dead

Let us return to the news, and casually, there is no evil.
we will quickly molotov cocktails, bombs, rubber stamps and packages of care that have always answered the call, but we note the arrival of capsule bile, which irresistibly attracts the zombies at any place or it will explode, giving rather strange shows like a zombie is making a horde races because you have previously and sadistically poured this disgusting substance. It also notes the arrival of syringe of adrenaline that you can be stronger and faster a short period of time, which can be savior in risky situations.
On the side of the weapon, the regulars gather their beloved shotgun, or unattended machine gun or M16,
which are now accompanied by a machine gun with silencer, a new sniper, an AK47 and a new shotgun SPAS 12!
But guns are not the only weapons to repel the zombies, this second episode welcomes handgun Machette, bate baseball but also stove, and chainsaw guitar like a Dead Rising, are among the few Proximity weapons available!
These new weapons of melee make gameplay more nag or you will literally
you clear a path through a crowd of zombies hysterical.
Petit coup de coeur for the machete that cuts really do zombies and that leads me to the location of the damage.
The démembremenst were already possible at earlier, but here you’ll outright holes where you shoot.
Example, it is not uncommon to see a zombie guts in the air after having imposed a volley of coarse salt, or better yet, head explode more systematically when headshot but just some jumps according ‘ball impact, it also concerns the explosion over the beautiful cloud of blood, up to rain crumbs zombie, gore and therefore totally sadistic pleasure by the good we are.
Regarding our beloved zombie, they are now more varied, I met such a zombie
of the SWAT more resistant but low back, the woofer when it can be to women and the Witch is no longer content to lament in his corner
but just literally depressed wandering desperately millieu full path to your awaiting a bullet that will end in tears, so be compassionate and done a good deed.
Some new special infected just join the party already this horrific, among whom I saw;

* On-jokey, well appointed, he jumps on you, you took a hack and believes in the Longchamps racecourse.
*-The Splitter, sister of the boomer who vomited acid which can keep the pool after a few seconds, then your gaff soles.
* On-Load, unrelated to the model for Dodge except the fact to sink straight, and if you are in front, the little brother of the tank will take you on his back like a sack of potatoes or, if you have a little luck, will recount to you blow face against the ground until death ensues, charming is not it?

Left 4 dead

For this is the skills can create the artificial inttéligence, the zombies are always so quick and unpredictable, they do not have twice the same way and do not arise twice in the same places
In the final version, the AI Director 2.0 to manage, more zombies, the weather and especially
changing the environment!
That is to say that if there in this street open during your first pass, there are no guarantees that if
you start it will always be accessible, this novel forces you to rethink your constant
strategy and your plan of attack.

Left 4 dead

So I’ll end on a note rather positive even if it seems to stay one more evolution than revolution.
Fans of zombie genocide “Leftfordeadien” (myself included) find their way and have fun when the other, I think this episode is not necessarily essential if we did not hang more than that at first.