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Xbox Unlimited : 10 million sold November 14, 2009

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Microsoft officially announced it had sold over 10 million copies of the Xbox 360 in the area Europe Middle East and Africa in 4 years, plus keep a positive sales growth over last year.

Indeed our Xbox Unlimited to the document among gamers, probably through its Xbox Live very busy (who is 18 months ahead of the Playstation Network), announced the news and added to the console: Zune, Facebook , Twitter, or the native project that will surely Xbox 360 event of 2010.

Among the figures that Microsoft revealed in a statement it is the male / female ratio of days: 35% female and the majority of player age: 64% are over 25 years (But Microsoft did not mention on what basis these figures were calculated).

Hopefully this enthusiasm for our console will bring even more quality games on Xbox360 knowing that this year and already loaded in game and Seo Academy (Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo, Forza 3 …).

Xbox Unlimited and Xbox 360 élite


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